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 Published:  January 7, 2014 | Author: | Posted in Careers

In the midst of technological inventions nowadays, the “back-to-basics” rule still applies when it comes to getting hired for a job. It does not matter if you’re intending to apply for a million-dollar corporation or a small, independent organization. As you have an interview, it all boils down to the way you present yourself. This is the deciding factor whether you will get hired or not.

So you’ve sent out your CV to potential employers and you have determined the correct job to apply for. The next phase is to arrange the job interview.

You could try to make the acquaintance of the assistant or the receptionist when you arrange the job interview, either by phone or face-to-face. Be friendly and polite, as these people may provide information that could turn out to be essential to be chosen for that job or, at least give you some information of the business or your potential employer.

Finally, you turn up for the interview.

The basic traits of being prompt, the way you speak and carry yourself and even how you dress are all factors which lead to making a lasting impression that will eventually get you hired.

Below are some simple tips on ways to improve your interviewing techniques:

  1. Prepare for the interview.First, choose the appropriate outfit. As you enter the room to be interviewed, your appearance will be the first thing to make the impact. Choose the appropriate outfit, examine your hair and mind your posture.

    Second, show basic courtesy. Find out where exactly the interview will be held and be there with ample time to prepare yourself before the scheduled interview. Switch your phone off to prevent unnecessary disruptions.

  2. Background work.Use all your resources to make sure that you know the basics about the company. You would not want to be caught unprepared when asked about how you heard and what you know about the company that you’re applying for.

    Learn about your potential employer. You need to, develop a clear image of the company profile.

  3. Be cool.Make an excellent first impression by keeping eye contact, giving the interviewer a firm handshake, a friendly smile and a polite greeting. Sit only if you are asked to do so and do not forget to thank the interviewer for taking time off of his or her busy schedule to interview you.

    Ensure to start on a positive note and set the proper expectations.

  4. Don’t sell yourself short.During the course of the interview, answer questions briefly and accurately. The key is to tell the truth.

    If you are applying for your first job, don’t let your lack of experience prevent you from gaining the advantage against more experienced candidates. What you lack in experience, replace with confidence and eagerness to learn.

    You may also put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Ask yourself, if I were the employer, what qualities should I seek out in a potential employee? Would I profit if he works for me and can he contribute to the development of the company?

    Don’t be afraid to sell your self but don’t be overconfident. Just project an air that you’re sure of yourself and your capabilities.

  5. Wrap it up.Wrap things up by outlining your strengths and pointing out your positive traits. Finally, as you finish the interview, ensure to thank the interviewer once more for her or his time, which will result in leaving a lasting impression.
  6. Follow up.Send a thank you note after the job interview. Thank the interviewer for the time that he took with you and for giving you that opportunity. Make sure that you know the person to get in touch with for follow up of the final results.

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