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 Published:  March 11, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Business

Don’t do anything until you have read this review on Ximo. Being a distributor of Ximo products is one of the viable options that a continuously increasing number of people take in order to have an additional source of income. If you are one of those people who are in search of a way to gain extra money, it will be best to get to know yourself first with some of the important information and details that a Ximo agent should know about the business. Some of these important things that you should take note of are the company’s profile, the primary item that it offers, its compensation plans for its members, and its success rate as a network marketing business venture.

Ximo Health is a network marketing company that has been operating for a couple of years already. In 2010, Erik Laver, a prominent personality in the network marketing industry, took over Ximo. Thus, the company is now being prepared for a re-launch. This re-launch is expected to help Ximo gain wider market reach, more members, and better reputation in the network marketing enterprise.

What does Ximo sell up? Basically, Ximo Health is a healthy juice company. The health drink Golden Energy which was previously known as Golden Ephedra is its star brand. This no sugar and zero calorie unique drink is said to be helpful in boosting one’s energy level and health in general. It is said to be packed with anti-oxidants and a lot of natural ingredients. What is even better about Ximo’s healthy juice is that, it tastes good because of its mango flavor.

Ximo’s Golden Energy drink is packaged in a 16-ounce bottle. Two ounce is the recommended serving per shot. It has been reported that the energy boost that one gets after taking one shot of this Ximo healthy drink is equivalent to the energy boost that one gets from drinking a cup of coffee.

Ximo’s star product, the Golden Energy, is made by doing two relatively simple steps. First, they combine fresh green tea leaves to another plant which is their secret ingredient. Then, Quercetin, Yohimbine, Niacin, Trimetylglycine, and caffeine are added. After doing those two steps, you can get a taste of Ximo’s primary product.

Ximo’s health drink is very marketable because a lot of people are now starting to be health conscious. Nowadays, there is a multiplying demand for health products in the United States and even in other countries. Golden Energy is becoming a well-known healthy drink choice because it is popular for giving people their needed adrenaline rush. However, aside from that benefit, it can also serve as a detoxifying agent. Moreover, it can also cause weight loss.

How can one profit from Ximo? There are several ways on how you can gain money from Ximo Health. The first one is through the Retail Commission and Profit plan. By doing this, you can put your customers on autoship or order Ximo products at a members-only price. Second, you can join the Ximo family either by being a direct customer or an independent distributor. This intend is termed as the Great Start Commission. In this plan, you can get commissions from the first up to the fourth level of your network if you take part in the business through the Internet. Third, you can opt for the Unilevel Commission. If you choose this plan, Ximo will give you commissions in the first nine levels of your network. The percentage will range from 10 to 15 percent. Lastly, you can decide for the Global Leadership Bonus Pools plan. Ximo sets aside up to 3% of the total Ximo worldwide income and divides it among the members of the Global Bonus Pools.

Now, you will ask, “Is Ximo Health a viable business opportunity?” If a country’s viability rests upon having a reliable and efficient leadership and management, top-quality and highly-marketable lines, and generous benefit plans for its members, then Ximo is definitely a possible business venture for people to take part in. However, always keep in mind that you should also do your own part to be successful in Ximo. One should be dedicated, determined, capable, optimistic, and a go-getter in order to truly succeed in Ximo.

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