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 Published:  May 5, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Expertise on troubleshooting basic computer system problems will come quite helpful in crisis conditions when you need to resolve ones PC as quickly as possible. There are various computer problems; many can be simple while others are very complex. Frequently, it’s challenging to determine the main cause of the problem as well as matching strategy to to repair it. On this page, we shall discuss several common challenges that people encounter in addition to simple troubleshooting steps. Anyone should be able to identify the issue and establish the appropriate remedy. Don’t forget though that you can take your DESKTOP to your computer practitioner for expert personal computer maintenance solutions.

In the event the screen out of the blue becomes dark and there is no obvious image, the first basic thing to do is check the cabling and power source. Your monitor likely have no power as a result of interconnection problems. See to it that the cable is attached correctly to the VGS slot which you discover at the back of the PC case. The monitor wire must be plugged nicely to the monitor. When the monitor still won’t have any display, your next option would be to switch your screen with a replacement one to detect if the issue is a monitor or the graphics card. If the alternative monitor is effective, then you’ll know that you’ll have to replace your old monitor since fixing monitors is reasonably expensive. Nonetheless, if it still doesn’t work, then the problem relates to the graphics card. Check if it’s seated properly in the motherboard. You might want to change it with a new one if the monitor is still dark. See if it solves the problem.

In case you are having failure boot ups, abnormal system behavior, and a variety of elements not working correctly, there might be something wrong with the motherboard. Since the motherboard is vital in the effective functioning of all PC elements, it must always be in fine condition. Specific parts could fail to function well if the system board is defective. Test these types of components very first before replacing them with new parts. Verify the motherboard and see if the fans are rotating, each wire is in proper place, and the CMOS battery is seated properly. Additionally, look for leaking or damaged capacitors which cause motherboard failure. Also, the jumpers should be set properly. Read the user’s manual to find all information regarding your computer motherboard.

When performing PC repair , you should always be cautious. Before upgrading parts or opening your computer, ensure that you did not alter any Windows software setting or any unnecessary alterations that may have caused the problem in the system board. Computer Repair



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