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 Published:  January 31, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Solar Power

Since electricity has been fast becoming a limited resource and an expensive thing, there has been a call to promote solar water heaters, which have proved beyond doubt to be a cost effective method of heating water. They have fast begun replacing the traditional method of heating water and have been used widely across the world during the past few years.

Solar water heaters are typically powered by sun light and since sunlight is a free source of energy, it has become an alternative to electricity and gas, which is fast becoming a valued commodity. There are two types of water heaters, the passive water heater and the active water heater. These two types of water heaters, when working effectively can heat water up to 140° F. Though both derive energy from sunlight, the working mechanism is different from each other. While an active system circulates water using a solar water pump, a passive system circulates liquid through the use of a process called natural convection.

The amount of water a solar water heater can provide, depends on how big and the type of water heater, the climate where it is used and how effective is the access to solar energy. They are usually fitted on top of buildings where there is direct access to sunlight. The most common type of solar water heater is the flat bed type which is weather proof and insulated by aluminum, beneath which there will be a plate which absorbs energy. When sunlight hits the water heater, the heat passes through the transparent cover and gets soaked up by the dark plate which then transfers that collected heat through the heat-transferring fluids that flow through or past it. This type of solar water heater is a bit expensive when compared to the concentrating collector type, which can produce much higher temperatures when compared to the flat bed type of solar water heater systems. But, the major drawback with this type of solar water heater is that they cannot produce as much heat on cloudier days as compared to the flat bed type of solar water heaters.

Solar water heaters generally come with a storage tank fitted beneath to store hot water that can maintain its temperature up to a day, there is also the one without a storage tank. The difference is that the non storage type cannot store water and the heated water needs to be used immediately. The storage type solar water heater also has a 2 storage tank type which will heat the stored hot water during cold nights.

If you are considering buying a solar water heater, decide the type of solar water you prefer and the size of it. Also, find the best place in your building that has the best and direct access to sunlight. Call an expert in solar water heating and get their ideas too. Before going to buy, make a thorough study of your requirements and also visit different dealer showrooms to make sure you have the catalogue of the different brands that are available in the market. Try to get the best possible deal and look out for the company which provides the best after sales service. To find out this, talk to your friends who use solar water heaters and get their suggestions.

Buying a solar water heater is of course the best recommended at a time when it is expensive to maintain and use the traditional water heaters. To conclude, the solar water you buy should last for long and should be worth the money you spend.

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