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 Published:  March 2, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

You can have the biggest, fanciest pool in the neighborhood, complete with tiles imported from Italy or painted with cool designs, floating rafts and fed by a gushing fountain, but without one specific piece of equipment, that shimmering pool can turn into a duck pond in about a week flat. What’s that vital piece of equipment? A swimming pool pump is a crucial piece of mechanics that works hard to keep your pool clean. For the finest in new pool construction contact Newbury Park pools.

Swimming pool pumps have numerous designs and have varying capacities for pumping water. Bigger is not always better, however, so knowing something about pumps and what they do will stand you in good stead as you either build your pool or are in the process of replacing old, battered parts. You must be aware that different sizes and types of pools have pumps specifically designed for them, for example some pumps are designed for in ground pools and others for above ground pools.

Why is a pool pump so important? It is important because it is a key component of the system that keeps the water in your pool clean. The pump is designed to pump the water through a filtration system in order to clean and purify it, and then to pump the purified water back into the pool. If the pump is not functioning, this entire process fails.

Each pump has a pumping capacity associated with it, so you must know the size of your pool prior to purchasing a pump. Before getting a pump make sure you know the volume of your pool as well as the surface area. Pump specifications will tell you the volume of water that it can pump either per minute or per hour. For a pool that is constructed with the appropriate pump contact Agoura Hills pools.

For most purposes a pump is run approximately seven hours per day and when the pool is in use. If your pool is small and stays relatively clean, you can cut back that running time in fall and winter months to save electricity.

A straining basket comes with all pumps to make sure that objects are not sucked into the pump. Straining baskets also have many different designs but as long as they serve their purpose of not allowing extraneous debris into your filtration system, they are serving their intended purpose.

When selecting any particular swimming pool pump model, check the energy efficiency of the unit to make sure you’re getting the best model to suit your needs. A good swimming pool pump will usually cost between $150 and $750 depending on the make and model. Be aware that a more efficient pump will save you money in electricity over time, but may cost more initially.

The age of your filtration system is also a consideration when purchasing a pump. A powerful pump may not be helpful if you have an old, inefficient filtration system. The pump is utilized to move water in and out of the filtration system, it does not filter it. That’s for your filtering system. By closely monitoring the levels of chemicals in the water and the water’s clarity and providing adequate water circulation is the best way to keep your water clean.




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