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 Published:  February 2, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

A handyman can be very useful around the house and you have seen for yourself that a London handyman can give you that much required service for repairs around the house. Since you have decided on hiring a handyman and made a list of repairs and remodeling you want done from London handyman, you also need to know that a handyman should be insured. Yes, it is important to ensure that a handyman is insured. The question foremost in your mind now is why should the handyman be insured? Lets us examine the reasons why it would be essential to ensure that your handyman should be insured.

Lets us be clear that we are talking about two kinds of insurance here.

First is that the company has insured or let us say bonded in a contract to you about the work that is to be done. This is just like you buy car insurance or a house insurance to ensure that in case of a rare calamity your financial loss at least will be reimbursed by the insurance company. This does not in any way mean that a disaster will happen or that you are looking for one it just means that you are financially secure against damage in case one does occur. So, hiring a bonded company means that in case a disaster occurs and instead of remodeling part of a room the entire room collapses then the insurance company will pay for the damage. Most London handymen are very experienced and professional and such calamities are rare and unusual but accidents are called accidents as they happen by accident, without any notice and forewarning. So, if you are hiring a company which has bonded the job being done by the handyman then you can rest easy that whichever be the situation you will not be paying for any damage to your property only for the work being done.

Second type of insurance we are talking of here is the insurance of the handyman himself. Is he covered in the worker’s compensation insurance? This will ensure that the handyman is insured and taken care of in the rare unfortunate case of a disaster in which the handyman gets injured. If the handyman is injured because of the work he is doing in your house, you may be held liable and may have to pay compensation. This is exactly the reason that the London handyman should be insured personally too so that in case he’s injured he would not sue the company or you for compensation. This is absolutely essential because these personal accidents are cause for much despair for you as the homeowner and the company later on.

Thus you should check and double check before hiring a London handyman that the work he is doing in your house is insured by the company against unfortunate incidents and that the handyman himself is insured against injury incurred while working in your house. This is a safeguard to make sure that you are not dragged into court room battles over hiring a London handyman to do repairs around the house. Be safe and be secure.




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