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 Published:  March 5, 2013 | Author: | Posted in SEO

Google is the search engine that most webmasters want to rank highly in because it brings a dominantly large volume of visitors to well-optimized websites. So when Google recommends certain practices to developers of websites, it naturally receives priority attention. The practices Google recommends are not tips and tricks as such but rather quality guidelines that improve the experience of the website visitor.

In an earlier article, we noted that Google recommends confining the contents of a website to a particular theme, providing authentic information useful to visitors through the website pages and avoiding issues like poor HTML and broken links that detract from the user experience. In this article, we continue with other recommendations provided by Google.

1. Create a hierarchical website structure with a static link to every page you want visitors (and search engines) to see. Static links are permanent ones that are not created on the fly using a database.
2. Submit the website as well as an XML sitemap containing links to all the pages you want search engines to index to the engines.
3. A human-friendly sitemap with live links to all the pages should also be ideally included on the site. Such a sitemap is created using HTML instead of XML

4. Block ads on the page from being crawled by search engine robots; use robots.txt file to exclude these. You can generate a robots.txt file with Web resources.

5. Don’t adopt “black hat” practices that can get your site banned or penalized by search engines. These practices include:
a. Cloaking by showing one page to human visitors and another to search engine robots
b. Participating in link farms to create the impression that you have a large number of in-pointing links; links from bad “neighborhoods” recognized and blacklisted by search engines can actually lower your search engine rank
c. Submitting pages or making search position queries using automated tools consume computing resources of search engines, and is typically penalized by the engines

It is best that you visit the Webmaster Support page of Google for more specific details.

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