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 Published:  March 6, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Legal

We owe it to our families to accept the fact that someday we will die. Knowing that, we can take measures to insure what happens immediately following. Don’t be like the countless individuals who waited until it was too late and died without an effective estate plan. You may not have the physical or mental capacity to handle such matters if you wait too long.

If you have already hired an guardianship attorney, you would probably want them to act as your executor lawyer. A lawyer in this position will be intimately aware of your entire estate and how it will pan out in the end. They will also have foresight into the various individuals and personalities that the executor will have to contend with following your death. Knowing which people will be most likely to object or fight over the estate’s division will be a boon to the lawyer.

You may have been planning to assign the role of executor to your oldest child. This can work out just fine, but it can also cause more problems than it can solve. Such an important role should not be chosen based simply on age and position in the family. This can allow for someone unsuited to the task being selected. Mistakes can be made as a result of this, which will result in delays to the estate division. Also, if any other offspring are better suited to the task but are overlooked they could be insulted and raise objection, which could also delay the proceedings.

Letting a lawyer be the executor can satisfy two jobs at once. Firstly, it allows for someone skilled in this specific task to take on the position as executor. This will allow for the proceedings to be carried out smoothly. Secondly, the lawyer will be impartial as to how the estate is divided up. The lawyer will not be worried about who wants what. The most important thing to him will be what you and your New York estate lawyer came up with.

Don’t let this most important of tasks fall to someone who can’t handle it. Enlist the aid of an expert executor attorney.

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