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 Published:  February 6, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Stress Management

Panic attacks are horrible, but you shouldn’t have to live your life with them. Most panic attack sufferers are doing, or neglecting to do, certain things ensuring that they won’t overcome these attacks. You will learn the common mistakes in this article.

The first mistake is lack of knowledge concerning the condition and possible treatments. When you don’t understand why something works, even if only on a basic level, you’re far less likely to believe in it. When you don’t believe in the treatment, you won’t follow it as closely or not at all in some cases. When that happens there’s no way it will work. Knowledge often removes or decreases fear as well. And the more you know the better you can choose a treatment in the first place, because some will work better for certain situations better than others.

Once you have the knowledge and believe in your treatment, you must give it enough time to work. Often, people will begin to lose hope or beat themselves up if they haven’t seen results in a certain amount of time. Everyone is different so the recovery times will vary. Be patient throughout the treatment. The treatments themselves can vary widely in expected recovery time.

Lack of support is often a problem. This includes you supporting yourself, maintaining hope, and believing in the treatment as touched on earlier; but it also helps to have outside support. Commonly, sufferers are embarrassed and will push people away. I can’t stress how much it helps to have people who believe in you at times you may not believe in yourself.

Support groups can serve that function as well as showing you that your struggle can be overcome. Being around normal people who have not only faced but conquered this problem lets you know that you can too. I recognize that not everyone will be okay with going to support groups though. Try to find both elements in other places if you don’t go to one. For example, you can get support from your friends, and learn about how other people ended their panic attacks by reading in online forums.

The last point is that lack of symptoms doesn’t mean you are cured. I mean this in reference to two things, pills and avoidance. Pills can be helpful and have their place, but they only mask the problem; it is still there once you stop taking them. By not addressing that underlying problem you will always feel afraid or crippled on some level. Many will completely change their life to avoid stressful situations. Aside from leading to a horrible life, it reinforces fear. You’ll find yourself increasingly hesitant to leave your home when you do this. Even your home isn’t completely safe from the problem as you will worry about when you have to leave or beat yourself up for living your life in this manner. By exposing yourself to a portion of the fear, a portion that you can handle without your brain overloading, you can often desensitize yourself towards that fear.

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